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  Combining the best technology, with old world craftsmanship, we seek to bring the strongest, most durable shelters to an ever changing world.
  To enjoy the beauty of nature and get off the beaten path, or pursue an off the grid lifestyle.

  Add income to your property by building these sturdy structures, rent them out to hikers, campers, nature lovers, also great for farm buildings.
We build Yurts, Geodesic Domes, Greenhouse kits and Compost Toilets, to enjoy the great outdoors.
These are the strongest buildings known, they need no foundation, can take huge snow loads and wind force, can be easily assembled by one or two people quickly and easily with basic hand tools.
  One of the highest Yurts in the country! 11,500ft
in Colorado, from a snowmobile touring company,    Don't try this with a regular type Yurt, 12ft Portable Geodesic Yurt, insulated with a small woodstove.
  Snow is 5ft deep -with more on the way.