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Q: Please explain the 12ft DIY (do it yourself) kits?
A: The customer purchases the Douglas Fir and Pressure treated (for bottom ring) 2X4's, 25 total then cuts them to length , then drills holes in each end, and oils them with linseed or tung oil.
  Tools needed-: chop saw, small drill press, air compressor and staple gun listed on below $65
  This saves huge amounts on shipping because these ship simple Fed Ex, and not a freight truck!

Q: Do you make flooring?
A: No like most Yurt/dome companies we do not make flooring , but only suggest ideas mainly for the "do it your selfer's" 
  On the low end of the scale there is just bare earth for farm buildings and greenhouses, then on to tarps or Astroturf, then Fast Deck or similar products, then pallets can be scrounged for and improved, then there are SIPS panels- a foam board with plywood on either side, lastly a wooden deck the most expensive, but the best.
  Please see our Photos and Info page for links to flooring etc.

Q: What types of insulation can be used?
A: Any type really, for the Portable Yurts we have the foil bubble Reflectix type, but any commercial insulation will work

  The Fiberglass or Denim type insulation 2ft wide is best, this may need to be covered over with a liner of some sort, a military parachute or our polyester liners are available.
  Sprayed in foam Polyurethane insulation is great, makes the Dome real hard, and means you can paint the outside of Dome forever, but it transfers the spray pattern to the out side of vinyl, so it looks like orange peel- but works good. Icynene Foam spray insulation may be better.
Q: How much insulation is needed for each Yurt or Dome.
A: This is Approx $1.00 per sq ft
9ft 225 sq ft
10.5 90 sq ft
12ft 400 sq ft
20ft 560 sq ft
24ft 800 sq ft

Q: How long do the Domes take to put together?
A: For 24ft frame 1-2 days with 1-2 people, and the cover panels (40) 5-10 per day -with 1-2 people. so really 7-10 days

Q: What type of tools are needed?
A: An 8 or 10ft step ladder, a socket wrench set, the Staple gun listed at right, and basic hand tools

Q: Why do we need to buy different chimney parts?
A: Because the chimney exits the Yurt/dome lower down about 3-4ft from the ground, in sort of a S shape, on a regular wall tent the chimney goes strait up through the roof.

Q: Can the non portable staples be pulled out, and the Dome be moved?
A: No the vinyl would be damaged too much and it is very impractical, our 10.5ft Portable Yurt is for this purpose.

Q: How does the 12ft Yurt or Greenhouse fit on a 12ft square?
A: See diagram at right for the layout, it's nice to have some patio area in front of Yurt as well

Q: How do the automatic roof vents for Greenhouses work?.
A: There is a mineral wax inside the cylinder which expands when heated, pushing the vent open and reverses when cooled.
Q: What is the chimney at the top of the dome?
A: It is for general ventilation, there is foam and plexiglass plug which can be removed. and 2 other  regular 10''x8'' box shaped vents are included as well (except on Portables)

Q: Why don't you sell the hubs by themselves?
A: Because the 2x4 ends have a custom cut and hardware attached.

Q: How are purchases made?
A: We usually will go back and forth with a few e-mails or phone calls to make sure the order is complete, then either Pay pal or a check or money order is sent in. Because our prices are so low compared to others -we ask for all the funding up front (not shipping portion) All sales are final no refunds or exchanges, because these are mostly non-portable and the complexities involved in packing and shipping. 

Q: How are your prices so low compared to other Dome- Yurt companies?
A: Because we have our workshops in our own Domes, which saves a lot of overhead and initial costs, and you can too~ and we use 2x4's instead of costly lattice wood and labor.

Q: Does the customer need to purchase anything to complete the Dome or Yurt?
A: You will need to purchase a quart of Elastomeric paint -any hardware store $10-15, an extendable painting pole comes in handy, thin metal flashing and caulk to finish where the the connection is made to the ground or deck, also bolts to connect to the deck or riser walls, but these are only about $25, and except the Portable models, you would need the Staple gun we supply the Stainless steel staples, everyone's situation is different, and it is not practical to ship these items cross country.

Q: What is a Liner used for?
A: It mainly covers the insulation on the inside- which may be ugly to look at, unless you are using the Dome or Yurt for a workshop or farm building, then you might not need one, but it also provides another pocket of air to assist the insulation, it comes with matching clear windows, and mahogany wood strips and hub caps to give it a nice finished look on the inside.