We are proud to announce this exciting new invention, The Natura Lite Veg-oil burning kitchen and camp, lamps, stoves.  
An ancient oil lamp, note the broad container, now replaced over head, and with improved wick mechanism.

  Which can now be made into improved lamps, stoves and small ovens.

  These stoves can use Jatropha Oil 
  Please note lamp is not in production yet -only stove ~at right and below.

  There is a vast humanitarian potential here, considering the problems with smoke inhalation in developing countries.

  There is a savings of between 20% and 75% in fuel cost, as well as being transported and stored safely. And if you use waste oil from restaurants, its FREE!
   It can use most vegetable oils* common would be canola, safflower, hemp and many other seed and nut oils from around the world-must be explored.

  *Soy bean oil is classed as a drying oil and will leave a residue on metal parts and wick and should not be used,  Corn oil leaves a crusty residue on wicks and should not be used. But blends of various oils including these are possible, and can be explored.
Natura Lite Camp stove (above) $75.00 Plus $11.00 shipping anywhere in US, ($86.00 total) Extra set of 4 wicks $3.00 -runs on 100% veg oil, available only here! get them while they are hot~ E-mail to place order  Pay Pal 

International orders contact for shipping quote

 It may take 50% or longer to boil water, but it is Great for cast iron skillets, pancakes, stir fries- no problem, or small dutch ovens, and it is wonderful for steaming any food piping hot. Steam two chicken breasts in 35min, or any veg and rice dish.
 And you will get an amazing 80 hrs of burn time! from 1 Gal of oil with four burners on high, or 5 hrs from the 8oz bottle pictured. (above) 
  The stove burns at approx 1100 degrees F

 For cold camping or quicker start ups use Coghlans
fire paste (use store locator)

 Here is where to get extra wicks

 WE NEED TO MASS PRODUCE THEM TO BRING THE COST DOWN, So people around the world can utilize them.

Natura lite by Lodge-Tech
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Testimonial: I purchased a veg oil stove not sure what to expect but was very happy with the results. With my 4 wick stove I was able to boil water (albeit not fast, about 45min for 2 liters) and it is PERFECT for slow cooking, easily maintaining a fast simmer for foods and soups. I am using it indooors with no more smoke that you would have on your range. I am also using waste veg oil that is available for free from restaurants when they change out the oil in their deepfryers. A small crusty deposit does form on the wicks after ~ 1 hr or so, but very easy to scrape off with a spoon while still burning, just run the spoon along the length of the wick. It feels great cooking using a recycled waste product. This is a well designed product that I highly recommend. Travis - Owner www.Green Conversion.net

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