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   We have over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, and 15 years in building Geodesic structures in various locales, starting with friends and family then expanding to the general public, with the love of the great outdoors foremost in our minds and hearts.

  The owner had vast experience camping in a Tipi (long ago) and discovered that a Tipi is very obsolete, the smoke, the dripping water, the mosquitos and pests. Even after adding a woodstove it was still very inadequate. So after many years rolled by we set out to find a better solution.
  We bypassed the traditional lattice type yurts when we found the Geodesic types which are vastly stronger and have a certain geometry and symmetry which are light years beyond the two other structures.
   The new Geodesic Yurt solves all the problems of the former ones and offers customers a pleasant wilderness experience.
  And these same designs lend themselves to Greenhouses and the whole self sufficient lifestyle