All of our Yurts and Domes are built with 2x4 oiled fir struts, 1/4 thick galvanized steel hubs, and heavy duty 18oz vinyl (rated at 10+ yrs), Entire Vinyl Domes can be painted with Elastomeric paint to last indefinitely! 
  They can all withstand 24" snow load and 70+ mph wind, the 12ft diameter Yurts and Greenhouses have a steep roof angle so most of the snow slides off on its own, or with a little push from inside-down it comes.
  They can be put right on the ground, wooden or military type fast decking, with various anchors available as options.
  All kits come with complete easy to follow color coded instructions and drawings.
  Pre-cut Vinyl, or Greenhouse panels go on one at a time and are over lapped like shingles, so the whole structure is leak proof. Over 2x4's are to be painted with our Elastomeric paint to protect and seal stainless staple line, (except portable 12ft).
  These type Yurts are vastly stronger than the lattice type, and the Geodesic Domes are the strongest building on earth, and also the most energy wise. This style is even used in the Arctic circle.

 Our Blue Swan earth toilet easily goes into any of our structures, just knock out the wooden plug from any hub then put a 3x4 reducer on each end, and flash and caulk outside.

  Individual counties and states have various codes and regulations about buildings, our structures are not necessarily approved for permitability, it is up to the customer to determine this.

  Go here for Air powered staplers  we recommend the Spotnails JS-8016 ($59) we provide the 1/2" Stainless Steel staples

  Go here for Fast Deck great for our structures, portable, faster than wooden decking, and will last a lifetime!  (sizes below are exact, you may need more to fully floor the dome properly)
  You need 115 sq ft for a 12ft $286, 315 sq ft for a 20ft $785, 452sq ft for 24ft and 707 sq ft for a 30ft $1760,  Plus shipping.  Prices subject to change, call Fast deck direct.
  Here is a nice liner for your dome, save money by stapling in and around windows, this could also be used as a sun shade with our WT big windows, Surplus parachutes

  Go here for Kni-co woodstoves portable and strong

 A Great woodstove The Four Dog

  Go here for 4-5 inch stove pipe, you would need about 3 sections, 2 elbows, a shanty type chimney, and a flue damper.

  Great Denim type insulation, made from recycled blue jeans
 Exit the rat race Tiny house blog .com
 Another really great Survival site

We cannot sell the hubs by themselves, the 2x4 ends have a custom cut which makes them unique.

We will answer all questions in a timely manner, and have lots more info to share, to assist customers to a  more sustainable, or off the grid lifestyle.
Lodge Tech
 All our Yurts and Domes can be insulated, with a variety of common insulation, see FAQ

 We also offer free plans for 2-3ft Riser walls, which can make our domes tall enough for a nice loft area!      
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